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Hair Oils: Best Oils For Dry Hair, Dandruff & Healthy Hair Growth

3 Best Oils For Natural Hair - Natural Hair Rules!!! Best Organic Hair Growth Oils Guaranteed … –

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The hair strand will constantly be going through phases of growth and death, but it’s the follicle we actually try to stimulate. Otherwise, we can slab on any fatty substance on the hair strand which will make it products appear shinier and thicker. It’s all in the follicles.

They say “patience is a virtue,” but choosing patience seems especially painful when you're trying to grow out your hair. Luckily hair oils can help speed up the process. Not only do they help to stimulate hair growth, they also strengthen existing locks and help maintain a healthy scalp by mimicking the oils (or sebum) our bodies naturally produce.

“Sebum travels along the hair shaft to naturally moisturize each strand of your hair, and to prevent oxidative damage that causes premature aging and drying of the hair and scalp.” When on the hunt for a great hair growth oil, Proudman suggests looking for stimulant ingredients like ginseng, rosemary, mint, and even chili to “ensure good blood flow and stimulation of the hair follicles, which in turn leads to consistent hair growth,” she explains. Bestsellers: The Most Popular Items In Hair Oils

Ingredients like apple stem cells, asparagus stem cells, vitamin E and vitamin C are all great ones to look for. Lastly, Proudman suggests looking for hair growth oils with proteins. Hair is primarily made up of (80 – 85%) proteins called Keratin; therefore, it isn’t surprising that your diet needs to include lots of protein to keep your hair strong, healthy, shiny and growing.

Look for wheat, rice, and keratin, which all add strength to the hair, protecting it from damage and leave it feeling smooth and shiny. Hair growth oils should be applied directly to the scalp and massaged in for best effect. “The active ingredients can be absorbed through the scalp to stimulate the underlying dermal papilla—the part of the follicle which regulates growth,” says Proudman.

Régénérescence Naturelle Leonor Greyl $60.00 Formulated with apricot, hazel, and sunflower seed oils (just to name a few), this oil is a fan-favorite among new mothers who are struggling with hair loss and thinning post-pregnancy. Biotin & Collagen Weightless Healing Oil Treatment Infused with Vitamin B7, collagen and hydrolyzed wheat protein, this oil treatment works to make hair look thicker and fuller without making hair feel heavy.

Initialiste Scalp & Hair Serum Kerastase $51.00 A serum and oil hybrid, this pick from Kerastase contains gluco peptides to strengthen existing hair, native plant cells to hydrate, and a wheat protein derivative to help repair the flexibility of damaged and over processed hair. THE MANE CHOICE Hair Growth Oil The Mane Choice $11.44 This growth oil from Mane Choice contains soybean, castor and sweet almond oil (among others) to help reduce hair shedding.

How Often Should I Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth? – Purewow

COMPLEXE 5 Stimulating Plant Extract, Pre-Shampoo Detox Scalp Treatment Rene Furterer $49.00 This pre-shampoo treatment has an impressive cult-following. Rather than applying after washing your strands, this formula is meant to be applied before shampooing, and should be left on the scalp for 5-10 minutes before washing it out.

When using this pick, don’t just stop at the roots—you can spritz this oil all the way to your ends. MD Microstem Hair Stimulation Formula

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